The Other Side of My Flipboard

Many of my Flipboard magazines relate to my job. I started Flipboard as a way to keep up on topics that I needed to know more about. In essence it was a replacement for the social bookmarking that I had been doing. In the last couple years, I’ve allowed my personal side to come out and began to curate a few magazines based off of things that interest me outside of work. I got a note from Clay yesterday mentioning how our Home Field magazine had eclipsed 50 viewers. We laughed that something we came up with watching a Single A baseball game has taken an interest from people! Below are some of the backstories behind my “other” magazines.
tvOS News & Info – we got a 4th generation Apple TV last winter, so I put together a mag with app and device information. It’s been fun to watch how that platform has grown and am excited to see what comes next.
Beautiful Nebraska – I’m a very proud lifelong resident of Nebraska. I find the people fantastic and the views can be breathtaking. I’m no doubt biased, but this is a way for me to share the beauty of the state. The title comes from Nebraska’s state song.
Interestingness – a made up word for all of the miscellaneous things I find on the Internet that I think are kind of cool.
One Night Only – started during a #FlipboardChat, you’ll only find live performance videos in this one. There is some pretty wide variety of artists in there.
Muzik – with a spelling nod to the Muzik Mafia, Muzik is a collection of music-related articles. I’m a huge fan of lots of different types of music, so, like One Night Only, it’s pretty eclectic.
SportsVoxRadio – the title of this sports-related magazine comes from a Voxer group that I’m in.
The Road to Omaha – a magazine all about the College World Series, one of the crown jewels of the Omaha sports scene. It holds a special place in my heart because I worked at the CWS when it was at it’s previous home. This magazine is typically only updated in May and June, leading up to the CWS.
Comfort Over Calories – I’m not a very health-conscious eater and don’t cook a lot, but I do save some recipes in case I get a wild hair and decide to try something new.
Home FieldClay Reisler and I were attending a Cedar Rapids Kernels game together this summer and were talking about our love of old ballparks. So why not make a Flipboard Magazine about them? josh-allen-on-flipboard

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