Helping Students Develop a Growth Mindset

Former guest John Spencer has a fantastic podcast, The Creative Classroom (iTunes link). This week, he talked about how his son wanted to start a cubing club where kids would get together and talk about how to solve Rubix cubes together. No one showed up for the first month, but his son didn’t give up. John shares how we can cultivate a growth mindset in our students like his son exhibited in this situation.

Click here to read the story, here to listen, and check out John’s sketchy video on Growth Mindset below. Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter.

From Heartache to Hope via Tom Murray

Be sure to check out former #dadsined guest Tom Murray’s post “From Heartache to Hope.” Tom was in the air flying from Ft.Lauderdale to Atlanta when a gunman opened fire and killed passengers in the same Terminal 2 from which his plane had taken off. He shares some great points that he learned from Gus during his layover in Atlanta. Great lessons that many of us want for our kids.

You can check out our interview with Tom here.